"Let me ‘splain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up."

Hey guys! Mandy here!

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve last posted. What? Like a year and a half or something crazy like that. Anyway, let me catch you all up on the CRAZY stuff that’s happened between our last post and now. For instance, Liz and I no longer live together. NEVER FEAR!!! We still keep in touch and go on crazy adventures together. Take a seat and grab your sleeping bag because we’re about to get intense.

Hamlet blew. Royaly. Hated it.

Me and the boy broke up. I went into a horrible depression.

I went to a shooting range and found out that I’m actually pretty good with a 9mm.

Liz started dating a boy.

I took a horseback riding class. The horse I was assigned to ride was an asshole.

Liz and the boy broke up. :(

I directed an amazing production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised].

I got hit on by a midget at a bar.

The horse and I reached a mutual understanding by the end of the semester and, I feel, to some degree came to respect and even admire one another.

Liz and I graduated!!! :D 

Liz moved to Charlotte.

I sort of, partly lived in my car and partly on my friend’s couch.

Liz got a job with a news station; I got a job as a barista.

I moved up to Charlotte. For realsy.

I found out that I’m really good at baking cupcakes.

I was in a play!

I met a wonderful boy.

Liz got a dog. :D

Liz got into a car accident, which caused her heart to go be all weird again which meant that….

….Liz got to be a robot again. (And I was worried that she might have been turning into a Cyberman.)

Liz and I were in another play together!!! (In which we were those girls who dance around in bikinis for the elaborate entrances of pro wrestlers.)

I stage managed 2 shows!

Due to the news station being stupid, Liz left. Due to my bakery being stupid, I also left.

Liz had to get rid of the dog because he was just too crazy, but it’s OK because…..

…..Liz met an awesome llama boy.

I got roofied. (It sucks. Do not recommend. Would not try again. 0 out of 10 stars.)

I was the production manager for a children’s summer camp.

I also started wrestling in fake blood to raise money for charity.

I got to play a Shakespearean lady for the first time. (I was Lavinia in Titus Andronicus, and it was amazing.) 

I made about 10 togas out of bed sheets. 

My boy dropped off the face of the planet. 

I now work at an amazing clothing store. 

Liz is still being awesome and still livin’ in CLT.

OK!! So, now that you’re all caught up, hopefully, we’ll begin posting again.

You know you’ve done theatre too long when…

I’ve realized that I’ve been in theatre way too long tonight. This sudden epiphany came upon me when I yelled “I’m taking off my pants” while taking off said pants. I said this not because I care if people see me without my pants on (I’m quite comfortable with being naked and walking around naked, actually.) I announced this in order to let those shy people who become nervous around nudity and nude people know that if they didn’t want to see my pantless body they should look away.

These  are from the Halloween Party Mandy and I helped host. She’s president and I’m secretary for our theater honor society, Alpha Psi Omega. We joined up with Phi Kappa Sigma to pull off this awesome bash.

And this is what theatre kids do when they’re stuck in rehearsal on Halloween.

And this is what theatre kids do when they’re stuck in rehearsal on Halloween.

And this is what we do at rehearsal. (And to people who don’t know their lines.) HELLOOOO HAMLET!!

And this is what we do at rehearsal. (And to people who don’t know their lines.) HELLOOOO HAMLET!!

Reasons Why I Fail

I start to go to rehearsal and forget my book (script) in my room, so I go back to get it. I search for it for 10 minutes and then realize that it’s in the most obvious place in the world: my book shelf. I get to rehearsal, rehearse and go to my room. I get to my door and realize that I don’t have my keys, so I text Liz to see if she can let me in the room. Of course, Liz is across town babysitting. This was at 10:30. It is currently 1:15 and I am still locked out of my room.

Epic Fail.

Casino Night 2010

Casino Night 2010

Fall Break Adventure Pt. 1

Hi guys! Mandy here. So, it’s mine and Liz’s fall break, and you guys know what that means, right? ADVENTURE TIME!!! OK, so here’s what’s happened so far.

Today, I drove up to the Bull City to spend fall break with Liz and her family. (We’re going to the State Fair tomorrow). My plan was to leave work and drive for 2.5 hours, so that would put me at reaching Liz’s house by about 8:30. As with anything that I plan, things go wrong. Horribly wrong. I got on the interstate by about 6:00-ish and I was making good time until I hit exit 42. Then hell broke loose. Apparently, this weekend is a race weekend, and that means that there was bumper to bumper traffic from exit 42 to exit 52. Something that should have taken me about ten minutes to drive took an hour and a half. I was going about 2 miles an hour in a 65 mile an hour zone. My road rage showed itself, and I was cursing NASCAR for creating this bullshit. At one point I have to move over for an ambulance. I texted Liz something along the lines of “An ambulance just passed me. What kind of dumbfuck gets into an accident going 2 miles an hour that needs an ambulance?!?! Seriously! That’s so stupid!” Finally, I arrive at Liz’s house at 10:00. While pulling up, Liz pulls up and Joel (my boyfriend, for those of you in internet land who don’t know who Joel is) simultaneously texts me “You make it there OK?”

Currently, Liz and I are sitting on her bed, drinking grown-up chocolate milk and Liz is reading some book where a guy just bit a woman’s toes off. Ahhh….fall break!

The TV

Over the time that Liz and I have lived together, I have realized that we have entirely different choices in television. I like Mythbusters and Pawn Stars. Liz likes True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I prefer the documentaries on National Geographic; Liz prefers MTV original movies. Thankfully, we both agree on one thing when it comes to the TV: Jersday. 

Arguments That The Internet Must Settle: Alan Rickman

Liz and I have gotten into an argument this morning on the topic of whether or not Alan Rickman is attractive. Of course, I say yes. Liz says no. Interwebs and Tumblr, what say you?